Copy & Print this form.


[Text Box: For Event Use: Date received ____________Amount Received_________ Accepted_____ Confirmation_______


Return this form with a self-addressed, stamped envelope and a check or money order to:  
              Hubert Bullard, 1184 Bloomingdale Road, Fairmont NC 28340   

All checks & money orders must be made payable to the Robeson Roadrunners

*If you have any questions concerning ANY VENDOR APPLICATION OR CATEGORY, contact
              Hubert Bullard @ 843-385-3180 or

Applications due by February 21, 2017

Your Name __________________________________________Business Name _________________________________

Street _______________________________________________City/State/Zip __________________________________

Phone ___________________________Fax ________________Email ________________________________________

Arts and Crafts Booth Space    ________ x $  45 = ________________  Size equivalent to 1 parking space (10’ x 10’)

Business/Professional Space      ________ x $ 150 = ________________  Size equivalent to 1 parking space (10’ x 10’)

Food Vendor Booth Space       ________ x $ 150 = ________________  Size equivalent to 2 parking spaces (20’ x 20’)

Non-Profit/Church/Civic (Non-Selling:  No Charge

                                   Total Fees               $         ________________

List full dimensions of booth or trailer___________________________________________________________________

Full description of Art/Craft or Food to be offered for sale: __________________________________________________


The Lumberton Recreation Department, The City of Lumberton, The Robeson Roadrunners, any businesses involved, or any governmental agency will not be responsible for an accident or loss, before, during or after the event period.  Vendors agree to these conditions and guidelines by signing below.

Signature _________________________________________________ Date___________________________

If you have been a past participant in the Rumba, there is no need to send photographs of items you will offer for sale.

The Rumba on the Lumber 2017.  The Rumba on the Lumber is sponsored by the Robeson Roadrunners and will feature several running events attracting several hundred runners.  The running events begin at 10:00 am.  A Chili  Festival is held in conjuction with the Rumba which is held in Historic Downtown Lumberton.  This event offers fun for the whole family.  Again this year we will have arts, crafts, business, nonprofit and food vendor sections in an effort to make this year’s event bigger and better than the last. We would like for you to be apart of this time-honored event.

Arts & Craft Vendors:  $45 per 10 x 10 space (size of 1 parking lot space)
     Arts & Crafts will be located in the Courthouse Plaza and on East 4th  Street (please note new location)
     All work must be original in design & created by the exhibitor.

All Arts & Craft vendors must list the contents of their booth; show suitable photos of ALL items to be offered for sale and the price range. All vendors will be juried for acceptance into the festival.  Displays/graphic materials are subject to approval by the festival committee. 

All exhibitors should provide their own canopy.  This event will be held rain or shine. All vendor booth displays should be attractive from all sides and not distract from a neighbors display.  Space is 10 x 10 with no allowance for oversized canopies.
Arts and Crafts Vendors may not sell any food or beverage products.

Business Vendors:  $150 per 10 x 10 space (size of 1 parking lot space)
     All vendors must provide their own tent, table, chairs, etc. 
     Business vendors cannot sell any food or beverage products

Food Vendors:  $150.00 per 18 x 20 space (size of 2 parking lot spaces) (Outside dimensions of unit must be specified)

A number of food vendors such as cotton candy, candy apples, pretzels or other carnival type foods will be available.  Call Hubert Bullard at (843) 385-3180 to discuss your products if you have questions.  Submit all food items that you wish to sell with your application.  No vendor will be permitted to sell more than five (5) food items.  The committee will establish your acceptance and you will be notified within 10 days of your application.

Food vendors will not be set up with arts and craft vendors.  Placement is decided by the festival committee and their selection and placement is final. Food vendors must provide outside dimensions and a photograph of their unit with the application.
All vendors are responsible for their own insurance policies.

The Robeson County Health Department will inspect food booths on Saturday morning at 8:00 am.  A $75.00 TFE fee must be submitted with application with fee included with the vendor fee with check payable to the Robeson Roadrunners.  Non-profit organizations are exempt for this one-day festival.  The TFE application will be emailed to vendors and must be completed and submitted no later than check-in for the festival.

All vendors are responsible for collecting & reporting any applicable taxes (local, state & federal).
Vendors using warming or cooking devices MUST have a charged & inspected fire extinguisher (min. 10-15 lbs. Dry powder or CO2) visible in their booth area.  Vendors cooking with oils must have a Class K fire extinguisher

General Vendor Information

  • All vendors must send at least photograph of the booth setup, photographs that represent all work offered for sale. Documentation will be returned in the self-addressed stamped envelope provided by vendor.

  • All vendors must include a self-addressed, stamped envelope with their applications.

  • Multiple booth spaces may be purchased.

  • All fees are nonrefundable

  • Vendors will be notified by email of their acceptance to the festival.  The Festival Committee reserves the right to reject applications & return booth fees.

No electricity will be provided.  You must provide your own power source (generator, etc).  This is a street festival and no exceptions will be made. 
Check In/Set-Up

  • Space assignments will be preassigned .  No haggling or disagreement over space locations will be permitted.  The application form must be complete & signed.

  • The event is located in Historic Downtown Lumberton on the Courthouse Plaza in Lumberton, NC (please note change of location from previous years.  Arts & Crafts will not be set-up with food vendors. 

  • Food vendors may set up between 6:00-8:00 pm on Friday evening, March 3, or beginning at 6:00 am on Saturday, March 4

  • Arts and crafts, business, and nonprofit vendors will begin setting up at 6:00 am on Saturday morning, March 4, and must be completely set up no later than 9:00 am.

  • Vendors are responsible for all their own booth supplies and equipment (i.e. Tables, chairs, canopies, etc).

  • Maps, instructions and a parking pass will be mailed prior to March 1.  All vehicles entering the event area must have a valid parking pass.  Vehicles will be allowed into the event area between 6 & 9AM on Saturday morning..    All vehicles must be clear of the event area by 9:00 AM.

  • The event ends at 5 PM.  ALL vendors are expected to remain open until the festival closes at 5:00 pm.  Any vendor tearing down early WILL NOT be permitted to subsequent Rumba on the Lumber festivals.  Vehicles will not be permitted in the festival area until 5:00 pm.  All vendors must be clear of the Plaza and parking lots no later than 7:00 pm.